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The Pacific Northwest is an awe-inspiring region of natural beauty that has long inspired poets. Its lush landscapes and diverse wildlife have been in verses that resonate with nature enthusiasts. Oakley's Poems stand as a tribute to the region's majestic wilderness, inviting readers to explore its depths through the power of words. These poems celebrate wildlife in its purest form and are a treasure for future generations to cherish and protect.

Make sure to open the poems page to experience the beauty of the image combined with the poem. Many have several images attached.
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Little Ferry

Tiny ferry, waves like hills,Churns the white, with iron will.Salty spray, a windswept song,Little ferry, brave and strong.                                      -Oakley Little Ferry © Chris LeBoutillier Thank you to the crew of the Guemes Island Ferry for making some crossings […]

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Shadows Softly Creep

Frost whispers secrets, wind hums low,Sun bleeds amber, then lets go.Day sighs, long shadows softly creep,Night’s velvet cloak, cold, deep.                                      -Oakley Shadows Softly Creep © Chris LeBoutillier Kelly’s Point, Guemes Island, WA

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Seas Salty Kiss

Sea’s salty kiss, a frozen bite,Ocean’s dance in crystal light.Spray cast high, then kissed by frost,Teeth of winter, on ocean lost.                                  -Oakley Sea’s Salty Kiss © Chris LeBoutillier North Beach, Guemes Island, WA

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Chasing Snowflakes

Little loaf, brown and white,Chasing snowflakes, with delight.Tail a wag, snow a spray,Winter’s day, a corgi’s play.                                      -Oakley Chasing Snowflakes © Chris LeBoutillier Guemes Island, WA

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Hear My Song Poem By Oakley

Hear My Song

Amidst the marsh’s tranquil grace,Red-winged sings its sweet embrace,In the silence, it’s so clear,He stopped to hear; she was near.                                      -Oakley Hear My Song © Chris LeBoutillier Guemes Island Valley, Guemes Island, WA

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Guemes Island Yellowstone

Cotton Candy Skies

Cherish this moment, in the early light,Cotton candy sunrise, will fade into daylight.Evergreens in silhouette, against the morning’s blush,Nature’s masterpiece, a sight to hush.                                      -Oakley Cotton Candy Skies © Chris LeBoutillier Guemes Island, WA

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