Little Ferry

Tiny ferry, waves like hills,Churns the white, with iron will.Salty spray, a windswept song,Little ferry, brave and strong.                                      -Oakley Little Ferry © Chris LeBoutillier Thank you to the crew of the Guemes Island Ferry for making some crossings […]

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Shadows Softly Creep

Frost whispers secrets, wind hums low,Sun bleeds amber, then lets go.Day sighs, long shadows softly creep,Night’s velvet cloak, cold, deep.                                      -Oakley Shadows Softly Creep © Chris LeBoutillier Kelly’s Point, Guemes Island, WA

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Seas Salty Kiss

Sea’s salty kiss, a frozen bite,Ocean’s dance in crystal light.Spray cast high, then kissed by frost,Teeth of winter, on ocean lost.                                  -Oakley Sea’s Salty Kiss © Chris LeBoutillier North Beach, Guemes Island, WA

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Chasing Snowflakes

Little loaf, brown and white,Chasing snowflakes, with delight.Tail a wag, snow a spray,Winter’s day, a corgi’s play.                                      -Oakley Chasing Snowflakes © Chris LeBoutillier Guemes Island, WA

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Hear My Song Poem By Oakley

Hear My Song

Amidst the marsh’s tranquil grace,Red-winged sings its sweet embrace,In the silence, it’s so clear,He stopped to hear; she was near.                                      -Oakley Hear My Song © Chris LeBoutillier Guemes Island Valley, Guemes Island, WA

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Guemes Island Yellowstone

Cotton Candy Skies

Cherish this moment, in the early light,Cotton candy sunrise, will fade into daylight.Evergreens in silhouette, against the morning’s blush,Nature’s masterpiece, a sight to hush.                                      -Oakley Cotton Candy Skies © Chris LeBoutillier Guemes Island, WA

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